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Pranayama means the ayama (control) of prana (oxygen in the form of breath); controlled breathing

With Pranayama, the speed of inhalation and exhalation is rhythmic.

Due to the fickleness of breathing, the mind becomes fickle and due to the stability of breathing(steady,controlled breathing), the mind becomes stable.

It has been established by modern researches and medical tests that the cause of various diseases arising in the body is not the proper combustion of oxygen (O2) or the less availability of O2.

Regular practice of Pranayama leads to a balanced supply of O2.

Pranayama is an anabolic process by which the blood circulation becomes balanced and smooth.

These 3 pranayama practices are most beneficial and important in Pranayama. With their regular practice, personally, I am now completely free from my hereditary asthma since birth.



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