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Leaves Shadow

Just as photons are constantly busy in the universe, in the production of matter-antimatter and then the combination of these to larger matter neutron-proton-atom-molecule etc from which the material world is created, and resides in living beings with consciousness in the form of soul(photon wavepacket) similar to its original form of pure energy, in all these actions photons' have no purpose towards self. This in a way reflects the selfless nature of photon.Because photon is the basic root element of all and the source of all energy, to maintain the universe and to run it in a steady balanced manner,a conscious being should also do duties like the photon with 'Brahma Bhaav'(dedicating all actions towards the photon and without any desires or attachments).Just as photon is the basic root element of material things, but is not related to them, meaning that by looking at the substances separately, their 3 energies/gunas (Satvik, Rajasik, Tamasik) keep on changing, so from the material point of view, the substances keep changing but their basic element is photon ( source of total energy) always remains the same.Humans should also always have the same perspective towards physical world like photon. Any sensory object/feeling should not be classified in the brain into different emotions (love-hatred, happiness-sorrow, respect-insult, profit-loss, sin-virtue).Like an unshakeable unceasing yogi, one should accept all the seen pictures, heard sounds, smells, juices, and touches in the same equal way, they should not be kept in the memory in the brain by separating them as pleasant-unpleasant happiness-sorrow feelings. Just as the soul only experiences the sensory objects/feelings and always remains equal, in the same way person having this knowledge that the interactions/changes of the material world are taking place only due to 3 forms of energy exchanges and the basic root element of all is photon,should perceive all the objects/feelings of the senses as equal.By doing this, feelings of excitement, desire, anger, happiness, sorrow will not arise in the brain in any situation and the body will be happy and healthy without going towards misery. Apart from this, one should not repeatedly keep thinking about various topics in the mind like procrastinating/daydreaming or reminiscing some happy memory. Apart from wasting time due to this, attachment to those thoughts and subjects keeps on increasing due to which desires arise.Further, when that desire is unfulfilled,or when the fruit/result of that action is less than expected or not achieved, feelings of anger, attachment, malice, happiness and sorrow come. A person should perform actions according to his nature with dedication to photon. One who is interested in the spiritual Sankhya path (contemplation on the soul, the principles of the laws of the universe) should become a Sankhya Yogi(theroetical work), and one who is interested in action should become a Karma Yogi(practical work) without any desire/attachment according to his nature and interest.

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