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Leaves Shadow

It is described in the Gita that consciousness is nature of a photon. There is no experiment in modern science to establish this fact because for this we have to know the interactions of photons from its point of view which is not possible because whatever experiments are done on photon are based on interaction of photons with other photons or matter and recording the energy exchanges in these interactions, it is impossible to know what a photon itself experiences in the interval of photons' interactions.According to my opinion, at the time of photon's mutual interaction with other photons, when the electric and magnetic fields of both meet at the same place, then each photon has its own experiences/feelings which is their conscious, after that interaction, they again continue in their normal state. Thus photon has the ability to perceive the emotion(as soul (photon wavepacket) does in a being) which is called its consciousness. This feeling that photon experiences is dependent on the energy of photon in the interaction. In different energies, photons experience a different feeling.

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