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The entire universe is created from Brahma(photons). Photon is the basic root element of all material and invisible(to human eye) worlds. In English Brahma is called photon. Photon is an electromagnetic wave and it is pure energy, it has no mass. The particles of light that we can see are also photons having specific energy/frequency range(visible to human eye). Photon always moves at a constant speed in vacuum which is the speed of light (300000000 meters per second). Photon is pure energy, the source of his energy is from electric and magnetic fields.


Photons have a conscious, that is, photons has the ability to create the material world with its energy(which are from its electric and magnetic fields). Even in modern science, in the origin of the universe, the universe was created by the Big Bang explosion, due to which Brahma (photon) spread in the entire universe. In addition to this, if there is sufficient energy in the mutual interaction of photons, material substances can be formed. For example, electrons and positrons can be formed in the mutual interaction of photons, which are called matter and anti matter in modern science.


So in this way photon is the basic root element of the entire universe. No one has the ability to create or destroy energy, that is, the total energy that was there at the beginning of universe(sum of all photon energies) creation is the same total energy even today, although this energy keeps changing from one form to another. The meaning of saying is that the universe was created from photons only, photon is the basic element of all matter and anti-matter; In the end everything has to disintegrate into its root pure energy state,photons only.

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