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Leaves Shadow

The main difference between a living being with consciousness and a machine is the soul (conscious). Just as all mutual interactions can be described by 3 forms of energy exchanges, similarly the working of all machines come within the framework of 3 form of energy exchanges.So the interactions between physical body, senses and brain of the creature can also be made by instruments, for example, interaction of light with eyes is similar to camera, interaction of sound with ears is similar to microphone, skin interacting with environment is similar to measurement of coldness/heat with thermometer,the activities of the brain are similar to the processor and memory of a computer.In this way all the interactions of the physical world of the being can be made in the form of a machine (robot). There is only one difference between the two (being and machine) - the experience of feelings, which is not there in the machines and it is felt by the soul in a living being with consciousness.

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