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According to the changes in their energy (which is called the 'guna' of interacting objects in the Gita),energy exchanges can be divided into three types of mutual interactions between the physical matter or of the physical matter with photons. Here by 'guna' we mean 3 types of energy from which we can calculate energy exchanges in any mutual interaction.
1. Satvik guna (photon energy) ;This is the total energy associated with the photons, the pure energy form in any interaction. The presence of photons in any interaction is called 'satvic' nature, if the total energy of photons before the interaction is more than the total energy of photons after the interaction, then the satvic guna in the interaction are reduced and vice versa.
2. The total energy of physical matter objects, which is due to their motion, is the 'rajasic' nature (kinetic energy) in an interaction. After interaction, if there is an increase in the total kinetic energy of the objects, then its 'rajasic' guna increases and vice versa.
3. Potential energy between matter objects in an interaction is the 'Tamasik' Guna. We can classify this potential energy according to forces/fields create them such as the potential energy generated by magnetic field between substances, the potential energy generated by electrical field or the potential energy generated by gravity.
Since the sum total of energy is always the same (meaning energy can neither created nor destroyed), in any mutual interaction the total satvic+rajasic+tamasic gunas remain the same before and after the interaction. But if the objects taking part in the interaction are seen separately, then there are changes in these three energies(gunas) of the individual objects.

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