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According to the Gita, Krishna has referred to himself as all the photons pervading the entire universe. The soul in the form of photon wavepacket, which is present in living beings with consciousness, what will be the state of the soul after the death of the living being, is also decided by Krishna (as he is the totality of all photons ,everything in universe is part of him). That's why photon is God. The origin, the beginning, the end of the entire universe, this photon, who is described in the physical form as the incarnation of Krishna, is God, and is worth knowing. Therefore, the living being should do all the work with dedication to the photon for the welfare of the soul(photon wavepacket) residing within him.
Because the soul is a group of photons, there are photons of many frequencies (different energies) present in it. According to my thinking, the frequency/energy of the photons(which make up the soul;photon wavepacket) which can exist inside the physical cavity in the brain depends on the structure/dimensions of the physical cavity . Just as the specific frequencies/energy of photon can exist/remain stable in a quantum well with certain quanta(steps) of dimensions, similarly the soul can reside in a cavity with specific dimensions where the frequencies of its constituent photons are in resonance with the cavity.

According to the words of Krishna in the Gita, he repeatedly gives birth to the souls of sinful, evil-doing, ignorant beings in further degenerate bodies and the soul of a satvic, knowledgeable yogi either takes birth again in a satvic, knowledgeable yogi family or becomes free assimilating with all photons in pure energy form in the universe. It moves free in the universe, it does not remain bound in the cavity of the material world. I look at it from this point of view, as per the karma(work/actions) of being , whatever be the the state of the soul of the being at the time of death (the energies/frequencies of photons in the wavepacket), according to that, its soul will again reside in a degenerate or a yogi body.The frequency/energy of photons in the pure soul of a knowledgeable righteous person will be different from that of a sinful evildoer.
It is also described in the Gita that evil-doers, sinners, indulgent demonic beings consider the world baseless and remain busy in worldly pleasures for their selfishness. Such an impure soul takes birth again and again in a demonic body or gets reborn in the animal-bird species after degradation.
Certainly the learned sages, from whose deep spiritual knowledge we are reading the message of the Gita, have written this with their wisdom considering photon as God and with complete devotion to it. If seen from a logical point of view for those believing in a supreme God, according to the laws of photon/God, the existence of the soul in the living being as per their deeds, salvation(soul being free after death and not bound in any being), degradation(soul bound in further degenerate body), all are appropriate. To prove it through scientific experiments has to be done by humans when we think about it, possibly sometime in the future.

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