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Leaves Shadow

Beings means the one who inhales and exhales oxygen for life. A being with consciousness means a being in which the soul in the form of photon wavepacket(group of photons moving together as a packet) resides, so that it is capable of experiencing emotions. The soul which is conscious in the living being is the group of photons. As long as there is life in the being, that is, the process of breathing goes on, till then the soul remains in the being.In modern science, it can be called a cavity, as in the making of a laser, the group of photon wavepacket within the cavity, meaning group of photons, is bound for some time by mirrors between the two ends, similarly, the soul/conscious in the form of photon wavepacket is present in the physical brain of a living being.(between the eyebrows on forehead). At the end of life, as life comes out of the cells, when the cavity where soul/conscious resides is destroyed, the soul becomes free. All the interactions of the senses with the physical world and their subsequent processing in the brain, all the thoughts generated from the memory or creative part in the brain, all these are also electromagnetic wave signals that are photon wavepackets.When these signals overlap with soul(photon wavepacket), we experience feelings such as seeing a different color of a scene, hearing a sound, a smell, taste, touch and other feelings such as pain, when these signals are processed by the physical body and brain. When the soul meets, then just as photon has an interaction with another photon, both of them experience emotions, in the same way the being experiences emotions.After interaction, the processed signals go to other parts in the brain, such as memory or creative cortex, and here they can generate other thoughts. The soul remains the same before and after the interaction. The being experiences feelings only at the time of the interaction when both (processed signal from brain and soul) have electric and magnetic fields at the same place. In this way, we can also see the soul as a bridge between the senses and one part of the brain and the other part of the brain.


There are constant changes taking place every moment in the physical body i.e. the senses and the brain. The exchange of energy goes on in the material substances from which they are made, which if seen from the physical point of view are unstable,are all perishable into smaller forms. But the soul is detached from all these in the body of the being, because the soul is steady (in the same state) as before in a moment after experiencing the feelings and the signals with which there was interaction, those signals also go to other parts of the brain after the interaction in their normal form.That's why the soul remains stable in the body of the being,as imperishable, while the being is alive and becomes free after death.

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