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Anulom Vilom practice and benefits

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Close the right nostril with the thumb and inhale completely through the left nostril. Then close the left nostril with the index finger or middle finger and exhale completely through the right nostril. Then again inhale completely through the right nostril and exhale completely through the left nostril. This is Anulom Vilom Pranayam. This can also be done at a slow pace in free time. It is very beneficial for keeping a calm,steady mind. When done on an empty stomach at a medium or fast pace, when the rhythmic speed of inhalation and exhalation of Pranayama matches with the natural frequency of contraction of the arteries of the heart, then from to the energy buildup due to resonance, any obstructions in the arteries of the heart open very easily. This is the best pranayama to reduce the breathing rate which increases longevity. Fast pace practice of Anulom Vilom helps in awakening of Kundalini Chakra in which energy flows in all the body systems starting from reproductive to endocrine and this is called Kundalini awakening. I have never experienced it myself, but with constant practice excellent yogis can experience it.

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